Social Graces January Team Kudos!

Cheers to this amazing tribe!

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Congratulations to everyone who worked their January Dot Dollars, invested in Spring samples, shared the opportunity and are booking their Spring trunk shows! Let's celebrate!

Sold $2500+ and earned their 5% volume bonus!

Angelyn Horrell $4,892

Jennifer Cahill $3,296

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Sold over $1000 this month!

Marty Drury $2,999

Tabnie Dozier $1,729

Erin Burns $1,652

Shelly Griffin $1,536

Carolyn Bess $1,297

Gina Busey $1,176

Jenny Moss $1,031

Amanda Burt $1,025

Qualified with at least $500 in sales!

Karen Fleet

Karrye McCarthy

Caroline Klobas

Whitney Scott

Stephanie Poorman

Lejean Mitchell

Look who sponsored in January!

Amanda Burt - 3

Angelyn Horrell - 2

Elizabeth Easterling - 1

Whitney Scott - 1

Kris Denzer - 1

Welcome to the Social Graces family!

Gina Busey

Amanda Burt

Toni Sudderth

Elizabeth Easterling

Elaine Burk

Lauren Jones

Kellie Hammer

Becky McCullough

Hoopla News!

Mark your Calendars! July 22-24 in Orlando, FLA. Don't hesitate, don't overthink it. You want to go, trust me. It's a game-changer!

Details here:

Registration is OPEN! Register before Feb. 12th and receive an extra $50 in product credit for the Fall line (available in July).

Here's a brilliant way to make it happen. Start a Hoopla savings jar. Each pay period, take $20 out and put it aside. You'll be able to buy your plane ticket, pay for your hotel (double, triple or quad up to make it more affordable) and spending money.

You'll leave Hoopla feeling informed, inspired and completely motivated. You may even have a new dream! Want to super-charge your S&D side hustle and make it the best it can be? Get to Hoopla, for reals.

My thoughts to you...

It's the month of LOVE. And guess what? I LOVE YOU! Seriously, I'm not very mushy, but I mean it sincerely when I say that I am full of gratitude and love for you ladies! We are a fabulous bunch of women, all so unique - crazy, weird, stylish, funny, smart, and beautiful! We are lucky to have each other!

Many of us are just getting back in to a routine and ready to ramp up our Spring business. February is an important month, it's our "effort first", "pour fuel on the fire" month. Here's what I mean...

Right now is the time to refresh your Who Do You Know list and truly commit to the 2 calls a day system, possibly even more, maybe 5 calls a day, depending on your goals.

Every year, I use February to focus on prospecting in a big way, really digging deep. It's not necessarily FUN, but if I stay consistent with my booking efforts and reach out to all my holiday customers, past hostesses, those in my pipeline, etc. I will end up with a full February and a full March and a list of ladies who want to book April and May. Now the hard work is done! Now in March, I am doing follow-up from my shows, booking shows at shows, and keeping my calendar really full. My 2 calls a day are now the warm leads from my shows, and it's just easier! If I do the "digging" prospecting now, I won't have to do it again for a long time because my momentum will be strong!

Same applies if you're brand new and just starting to fill your calendar for the first time. Book these early shows for Feb & March and then go into those shows with the #1 goal of growing your business through booking & connecting with potential stylists AT the trunk show.

Are you ready for a change this season? Want to earn $1000 a month? Want to be a Star by Hoopla? I'd love to hear from you regarding your Spring goals! Just need some help getting your momentum going again? I'm here to help! Please reach out and let's chat! Have a great month putting your effort in and watching your pipeline grow!

Cheers! xo-


Angelyn Horrell, Stella & Dot Associate Director

I'm your team leader, I"m here to help YOU! Please reach out to me if you would like extra support!