Google Play vs. Apple Store

Which one is better?

Areas of Focus

Apple Store:
When it comes to the Apple store, they definitely focus a lot more of their store on music, movies and TV shows. They have tons and tons of music by so many different artists including songs from YouTube that are not even always officially produced. They are always having deals or free songs and they are always promoting new episodes of TV shows.
Google play:
Google play focuses more on the games and apps that the store sells. When you first go onto the app the first things it brings up are apps and games that it promotes whether they be free or you have to purchase them. It promotes different categories like "Casual Fun" or "Games to Love."

App Availability

App Availability with the Apple Store and Google Play are not very similar. The Apple Store has around 230,000 apps while Google Play only has around 70,000. A lot of the apps that Apple has, Android does not have available for their users.

More Apps?

Apps in the Apple Store are a lot easier to get, there are many more varieties and options than Google Play. There are more than twice as many apps in the Apple Store, over 230,000.

Prices of Apps

The prices for Apps differ in Google Play and the Apple Store. A majority of the apps in the Apple Store are generally around the same, they are 1.99 or .99 with the exception of the bigger games that can go from 2.99 to 6.99 and up. The prices for Apps in Google Play start off higher like around 3.99 and higher up to even 8.99, it all depends on the game.

Easier to Access?

Both the Apple store and Google Play are both really easy apps to access. They are both built in apps on smartphones that can't be taken off, you can place the apps wherever you want in your phone. You open up the app and it takes you right to the home page which usually shows the most popular apps, the Top Paid for or the Top Free. You click download and put in your account password and it downloads!

App Store Layout

Even though i am personally an Apple Store user, i think that the layout for Google Play is a lot better. It has all of the categories right there on the home screen right when you go onto the app, however what is very user friendly about Apple is that they have an entire app dedicated to the apps themselves while the music, TV shows, etc. are on their own app.

Process to Submit An App

1. Testing:
The first part of the App Submitting process is to Test your app. You have to make sure that your app can run on multiple devices even with different updates. Devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, and different versions like an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4. Testing is very important because it helps you to make sure that your app is where it should be performance wise for your users.
2. Guidelines:
When you are submitting an app you have to read the "IOS Human Interface Guidelines" to know just exactly you can and can't feature on your app. Apps can very easily be turned away for a number of reasons, so it's important to actually read the guidelines so that you can have your app published.
3. Features:
Before submitting you have to make sure you have a few things first. You need an Icon, so that the app can become known by the Icon logo. You need at least 4 or 5 screenshots of your app in action to display in the App store so that the users can see just what the app is like.
4. Info:
The last thing you need is to have all of you app information. The App name, the version number, the app category, a description, and a Support URL.
5. Waiting:
Once you have submitted your App, you wait the few days it takes Apple to review your app, accept it and let it be published to the App store.