Yangtze River Cruises

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Three Gorges

The Three Gorges is an amazing carved sculptured, along the Yangtze river.


There are many places to shop at,at the Yangtze cruises. Like at boutiques, and you can buy gifts, souvenirs, clothing, logo items, and postcards, there are many more places to shop at and buy many other things.


Here at the Yangtze River Cruise there are tons of different things happening like fashion shows, cabaret shows, Tai chi chuan which is a method of boxing or combat, tea time and happy hour which is where relax and have a cup of tea or coffee, and different type of lectures. There is much more to offer!


At the cruises we have a beauty salon, a fitness room, a laundry room, a health clinic, a reading room, we have a smoking policy and electricity is provided.


A couple highlights while your here or if your planning to come is that cabins are outside and that each cabin has their own private balconies, bathrooms, and a bathtub shower. Also all ships are fully air conditioned, there is Wi-Fi during your stay.