Principals Helping Principals

For Schools Affected by Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit, I organized an "Adopt a School" program through a group of principals that collaborate together online through Facebook. The online Facebook group is called Principal Principles. I wanted to provide as many campuses as possible the opportunity to reach out for help or an opportunity to adopt a school/community in need. This Facebook group is made up of administrators from all over the U.S. including many schools in the Houston & surrounding areas most affected.

We had about 260 schools adopted.

It was an amazing response to a much needed cause. I am so proud to be an educator!! If you still need help, please feel free to email me at I am happy to help you find another school or organization that is willing to help you.

Helping Schools Who Have Already Been Adopted

Most campuses who have signed up have been adopted however many may also benefit from having a second school adopt them. Please use the Principals Helping Principals spreadsheet to see if there is a campus that you could partner up with. Be sure and check out all the tabs too. There are two tabs for elementary, and one for intermediate, middle, and high school.

At this time, you will have access to view the Google document however you will not be able to add or edit contents.

Texas PTA Needs Your Help Too!

If your PTA/PTO would like to be involved, the Texas PTA has also shared the following resources on ways to help: Help Us Fill the Backpack with Texas PTA

Letter & Cards

You are always welcome to send letters and/or cards to any of the schools listed on the spreadsheet. The school name, address and principal name is listed next to each school. If you are wanting to make a monetary donation of any kind, it is always best to contact that school or school district directly. They may have policies in place that may or may not allow this kind of donation.

American Red Cross

They are experiencing a high volume visitors on their website. Keep checking back often if you are have any problems logging on.

Information about Some Texas School Districts

Schools in Rockport, Texas

ACISD has been blessed with more offers of donations than we can field. In an effort to assist us, the Aransas County Education Foundation has set up a Go Fund Me account.

The account title is Rockport School Hurricane Fund and the link is

All funds raised will go directly to our five campuses for student supplies and instructional materials. We encourage those that want to donate to do so via this fund. Thank you all for your support of ACISD.

Victoria ISD

Clothing, Shoes & School Supplies Donations

  • Yvonne Rossman, VISD’s Homeless Liaison, will coordinate and accept these items at the Family Connection Center (FCC) which is located at 1611 E. North St. The FCC will serve as VISD’s clearinghouse for receiving clothing, shoes and school supply donations for students. Yvonne will work in conjunction with VISD’s Parent Liaisons to get these items to students in need.
  • Anyone who wishes to make a donation should contact Yvonne Rossman at 1-361-788-9909 or .

Food Donations

  • Becca Garcia, Mitchell Guidance Center’s (MGC) Parent Liaison, will accept food donations at MGC (306 E. Commercial St.) on behalf of displaced students and their families.Becca and her office will serve as the clearinghouse for receiving food donations and she will assist Parent Liaisons with getting these items to students and their families.
  • Anyone who wishes to make a food donation should contact Becca Garcia at 1-361-788-9232 or

Houston ISD

From the HISD district site:

Many in our community have asked how they can help the families of HISD affected by Hurricane Harvey. The HISD Foundation is accepting donations to help families recover.

Pasadena ISD

Join in the efforts of other business, industry and community members who are making a difference in the lives of Pasadena ISD students. The PISD Education Foundation is accepting donations to help their students and families.
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