Fourth Grade Newsletter

December 2015


Fourth grade has been focused on fractions, and we continue that focus for the first part of December. The students have gotten very good at finding factors and multiples and identifying the greatest common factor (GCF) and the least common multiple (LCM) of different numbers. Now we are seeing how the GCF helps us to simplify fractions (such as making 6/12 into 1/2), and we will see how the LCM helps us to find equivalent fractions with the denominators we want. Students will be adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators, as well as simplifying the result and changing any improper fractions to mixed numbers. They must remember that we never add the denominators of fractions. Our test on adding and subtracting fractions is scheduled for December 10. We will end the semester learning about probability. Students will predict the likelihood of an event using words like certain, impossible, likely, unlikely, and equally likely. They will also describe that likelihood as a fraction between 0 and 1. We will take our probability quiz during the last week before break.

I encourage you to look at my website (on the M-NES page, under the directory link). There are links to study guides and Blendspace pages where the students can go to review all of the fractions concepts that we've been studying.


In reading the students have been learning about fact and opinion. Students will be learning about author’s purpose. Students will have to identify if the text is meant to persuade, inform, or entertain. Students need to be able to explain how the author is trying to persuade, inform, and entertain. Before break, students will start analyzing poetry to see how an author’s word choice helps them accomplish their purpose. The nine weeks will conclude with students identifying written, auditory, and visual media messages. Students will also be continuing to practice with prefixes and suffixes.


Force, Motion, and Energy is our current science unit. This unit is taught using toys and activities that your child will participate in. Vocabulary words such as force, motion, speed, gravity, and friction will be learned as students engage in experiments. Students will also learn scientific investigation words such as hypothesis and variables. I encourage you to discuss with your child our class activities and use the vocabulary words to describe force and motion at a football game, as they ride their bicycles, and as they play games. Because force and motion concepts applies to so much in their young lives, that discussion should be rich and interesting.

On Monday of this week, students received a list of vocabulary words that we will learn about in class and will be tested on this Friday, December 4th. Next Monday, they will receive the study guide for the unit. The unit test on Force, Motion, and Energy will be given on Tuesday, December 15th. Please make sure that your student is reviewing what they learn in class each day. Students can also study using , , and .


In writing students have been working on writer’s workshop. Students will continue to practice writing sentences correctly and editing. Students will be focusing on subject-verb agreement, double negatives, prepositional phrases, and noun-pronoun agreement.


December 7-11--Holiday Shop

December 16--Canned Food Drive Ends--Please send in canned food!

December 18--End of 2nd Nine Weeks

December 21-January 5--Winter Break

January 6--Classes Resume