Wide Receiver

Mark Halliday


There once was a football wide receiver who possessed the scarce, yet unbelievable, ability of being able to get open deep. This skill had carried him all the way from high school, through the collegiate level, and now to the pros. Throughout his football career, he has been in the perfect game plan for his skill set. His quarterbacks and coaches have always been the type to take chances down field. Being that he was a high draft pick, though, the team he went to had a new, overly conservative, coach, and a bad quarterback. He did not consider the frustrations this situation would provide until his first game. In that game he worked as hard as ever to continuously get open downfield. He was even told specifically to do so. Yet to his despair, he was never given the chance to show what he could do. This poem and performance will represent the frustrations of a wide receiver such a scenario.
Almost anyone who has played a sport has felt the annoyance of not getting the ball while being wide open. This situation is described in a very relatable and empathetic way through this performance. This piece is a poetically genius complaint of the often experienced scenario of "not getting the ball".