The Hunting Ground Documentary

Take Action With In Sexual Assult

Thesis & Purpose

In the documentary "The Hunting Ground" the purpose of the film was to inform people that most colleges do not help with sexual assaulted victims. The documentary achieved this message by using logos, pathos and the use of statistics.


  • Women and men can both experience sexual assaults therefore more than 16% of women are sexually assaulted as for only 3% of men are assaulted.

  • 88% of women do not report about being sexually assaulted in campus

  • 8% of men in college commit more than 90% of sexual assaults 98% will never spend a day in jail or prison. The women get more of the blame than the men that actually committed the crime.

Victums of Sexual Assult


1 in 5 college athletic departments had over looked the fact that there athletes have been in a sexual assault situation. One of the athletes were Jameis Winston a quarterback for Florida State that sexually assaulted Erica Kinsman. No police took action over the 10 months this was happening. Erica received death threats and sports media bashing her that she was a liar for all of this. This shows that athletes