Changing Careers

Employee at McDonald's to Cartoonist

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Hello, fast food vendor!

Are you tired of working the drive thru? Looking for some self fulfillment beyond the cardboard box of a happy meal? Changing careers might be your golden ticket! And what better career to take up than that of a cartoonist?

You're probably asking, "But how? How can I change from a fry cook to a storyboard artist?" Well, luckily for you, this guide is specially made for such a situation.

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Considering a Change: Exploring Your Options

Considering a career change can be daunting. It’s important to take an inventory of what you like about your current job and what you dislike. This will help you identify career opportunities that suit your strengths and interests.

Changing from a McDonald's employee to a cartoonist may seem unrealistic, but, with the right attitude and proper planning, it is very much possible.

"Know thyself" may sound like a cliché, but it's crucial if you want to make sure you find a role where you'll be happy.

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Developing a Plan: Mapping Your Moves

Do your research before dropping everything. Once you hold up the mirror, some jobs and careers will emerge. Now starts the career exploration phase. Become a mini-expert in the cartoonist field and dive deep to find out as much as you can.

  • Talk to people who are cartoonists already.
  • Go online and research cartooning jobs.
  • Attend conferences, seminars, and meet-ups that are applicable to the field.
  • Read relevant articles and trade publications.

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Making the Change: No Burning Bridges

Wait for the right time. The best time to consider a new career is when you are safely ensconced in your existing position. It goes without saying that a steady paycheck can relieve a lot of pressure. There are many ways to take steps toward your new career path; you can volunteer or offer yourself as a freelancer or consultant. This can help you to “test the waters” in the cartoonist field.

Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing Your Experiences

Regardless of which field you choose, you need to figure out how to make that bridge into a new career. Will you do an internship? Volunteer? Do part-time work?

Or maybe you stay in your current job and offer to do extra projects. For example, a sustainability student may volunteer for extra work within his or her job—say as the company’s new “green” coordinator. Make that bridge, and build your résumé.

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