Caffeine and Pregnancy Loss

Kimberly Luebbe

Article Summary

Maggie Fox

NBC News

March 24, 2016

In this article, a study that has linked the consumption of caffeine with the increased

likelihood of miscarriage was discussed. It was found that if a man or women drinks more

than three cups of coffee per day during pregnancy, the woman was twice as likely to lose

the pregnancy. Sources of caffeine included but are not limited to coffee, sodas and energy

drinks. It has been known for some time that women should avoid copious amounts of

caffeine when trying to conceive, but this was the first time that men’s consumption was

considered as well. The study done included 344 couples that documented all the caffeine

they consumed as they were trying to conceive. 98 of the 344 couples, or 28% ended in

miscarriage. It was concluded that either partner drinking three or more caffeinated

beverages daily increases the risk of miscarriage by 74%.

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Article Critique

Overall, I saw this article as reliable. The author, Maggie Fox, has had lots of experience in

writing and has written for NBC news for a number of years where she is now the senior

writer. The source, NBC News, is what I believe to be a fairly trustworthy source. I know that

news sources cannot always be trusted because their goal is to get the “big” story first and

catch the reader’s attention, but there are not any of the guidelines that we should be

suspicious of in this article. For example, the article does not claim to contain

“breakthrough” information, say that a product is capable of curing a wide range of

illnesses, or use fancy sounding medical terms. The article is well written and easy to read

and understand. Another reason I believe this article is trustworthy, is because it gives

information from a study that was done, and the results of that study are included. This

gives the article more validity because most of the facts reported are backed up by

scientific evidence. As this done not mean this information regarding the subject of

caffeine and pregnancy is always 100% true for every person, it does prove that there has

been a link made in a number of people. The conclusion of the article was very clearly

stated and left me without question of what I had read. The whole article leads up to the

conclusion, and the study done backs up what was previously stated.


Fox, M. (2016, March 24). Study Links Caffeine With Pregnancy Loss. Retrieved April 01, 2016, from