The Dominican Republic

By Andrew Buschman

Background information on the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Spanish speaking country in an island in the Caribbean sea. The Dominican Republic used to be controlled by Spain and gained independence on February 27, 1844. It's capital is Santo Domingo and some important cities are San Juan and La Romana.

Geagraphical Information

The Dominican Republic is an island in the Caribbean sea. Some important and large rivers are The Yaque de sur, and the Yaque de Norte. Catalina is a Domincan island.

Political and diplomatic information

The Dominican republic has a Democratic Republic and their president is Danilo Medino, currently 57% of Dominicans trust the U.S. Government, 8% do not, and 35% are unsure about the U.S. Government.

Economic and trade information

The Dominican imports and exports a number of goods. Some goods that are imported are refined petroleum, cars, crude petroleum, yam, and corn.Some good that are exported are Medical instruments, rolled tobacco, low voltage protection equipment, and bananas. They import and export goods too the United States, Haiti, China, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Tourist information (attractions)

The Dominican Republic has many tourist attractions including Santo Domingo, Eastern national park, Punta Cana, Playa Dorada, and La Romana. Some things people should do are Go to the beach of Playa Dorada, and visit the big cities of La Romana and, Santo Domingo.
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