By Braeden

The start

Once upon a time there was a boy who was a very poor, and his name was Kiy. He lived with his step-mum and she loved him like her own child.They only had ten dollars,the step mum said, “I will buy you a pet.”

paragraph 2

When the dog was older the dog took Kiy to a mountain. When they went down the mountain, the dog and it's owner Kiy slipped and fell into a mud lake.

paragraph 3

When the boy said'',Help Help! Myself and my dog are stuck in the mud and cannot get out.'' A man came and said, “I can help you but it comes with a price. I get your dog.’’ So Kiy agreed and got out and Kiy and the dog ran for his step-mum.

paragraph 4

The step-mum saw this, so she said, “Oobaly woobaly give me a car.’’ The car arrived. And the step-mum took them on an adventure in the car and took them for a holiday.

The End