The Glam Squad Times

Have an Awesome April Everyone!!

Happy April to ALL!!

Hello to the most sparkly team of fabulous Stella & Dot Stylists!!

Welcome to the inaugural installment of the Glam Squad Times!! What do you think? The GS is growing and I want to make sure we are all on the same page as we share the Stella & Dot style across Canada!

I'll do my darndest to get this out to you every month, so we can share, celebrate, and continue to challenge ourselves with our superfun businesses! I'm all about the feedback, so bring it on! We're going to get interactive too - so keep your eyes out for prizes, because the more you participate, the more you can win - it's easy to take part in our first Team Challenge this month - just listen to a recorded call and share your biggest takeaway - see more details below!

Big hugs to all, and can't wait to get this ball rolling!!

XO MairiAnna

First up - Kudos!!

Let's start with some celebrations!! A HUGE congratulations goes out to Jen Pearce, who promoted to Senior Stylist in March! Way to go girl!!

A bunch of you also earned your consistency bonus for selling $500+ (qualifying) in each of January, February and March - and the free business supply credits that go with it!! AMAZING!! To qualify is great goal to set every month - and look at the rewards that go with it. You guys are awesome!!

Let's Make April Awesome!!

Tap into the tools to knock it out of the park!!

Fill up your Calendar!

By now, you've likely ordered your Summer collection samples and have fallen madly in love with our new bags! Well, get out there and share the love!! Make sure you're always armed with your Summer Look books, because I can guarantee you're going to be getting lots of comments on your new bags and scarves! When you hand one to someone, make sure you get their email/trade it for their card so that you can follow up to see what they think!! And follow up with a fun email with a video! How about the Summer Collection Video, or the superfun Say Hello to Bags Video. Fabulous!! A follow up call could seal the deal, and you're calendar is full before you know it!

Take Part in a Booking Blitz!

Keep an eye on the Canadian Stylist Page and take part in a Booking Blitz! It's lots of fun to send out some warm up emails, and take a focused hour with your Stella Sisters and blitz with follow up calls! You'll get some great results! Make sure you check out the April "Words to Say" too - we have so much fabulousness to offer hostesses this month!!

Sponsoring - Glam Squad Team Challenge!!

As I've mentioned to most of you - I wish someone spoke to me about sponsoring right from the start! It's the best way to layer your income, and share the Stella & Dot experience which we have all come to love! It doesn't matter whether you've been a stylist for a few days or a few months, we all learn together, so it's ALWAYS a good time to bring stylist people on board!

So here's my challenge to you! There is a great call in the lounge about sponsoring from the amazing stylist, Sarah Loftus, who is a superstar when it comes to sponsoring! She has a unique approach, and I'd love to hear what you think!

Here's our challenge:

Take a listen to Sarah Loftus's Tips from the Top Sponsoring Call, and share your biggest takeaway on our Glam Squad Facebook Page!

And when you share, you win! I'll send you a package of Summer Look Books AND a Coaching Words to say CD!!

How's that for fun and easy??? Can't wait to hear from you, and your surprises will be in the mail!!

Have an Amazing April!!

Big hugs to all, and bring on the feedback! I'd love to know what you think about the Glam Squad Times - and what YOU want to see! Not 100% sold on the name yet - might do a contest...we'll see!!

XO MairiAnna