The Art of Composition

Broaden Your Horizons

The eBook Visual Flow can be your guide!

Change your photography for the better in 2013. It's simple: offer yourself one eBook that will deepen your understanding of the relations between the elements you frame in each of your images. That eBook exists! It is called Visual Flow – Mastering the Art of Composition, and is written by photographer Ian Plant, with photographs from him and George Stocking.

Visual Flow – Mastering the Art of Composition is a big book that may frighten some. But believe me, you'll read it from cover to cover, even go back to some chapters now and then, because you'll find in them answers to a lot of questions you wanted to ask, and even questions you did not know you had to ask to better understand photography. Besides being a good read, the eBook is also a guide that you will keep going back to for a long, long time. To refresh some notion or simply to look at photographs that will, many times, give you the desire to go out and do something similar, adapting the knowledge to your own horizons.

That’s Visual Flow – Mastering the Art of Composition. Go and buy your copy!