Unit 4


What is your favorite TV program?

We like Boong a bbang and Father where are you going. Kim yun ji likes Boong a bbang because she could see the pure children thoughts. Kim se hee likes Father where are you going because she likes cute baby. We likes baby. Do you like baby?
[HOT] 아빠 어디가 - 후 천사의 찬호 돌보기, '난 너의 지니~' 20140406
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What newspapers and magazines do you read?

We read Voguegirl and Elle. Kim yun ji get fashion information in Elle. Kim se hee see favorete star's poster in Voguegirl.
[Magazine] 에스팀 진정선 - 보그걸_커플 화보 촬영 현장(w. 박유환)

Which game show do you like the best?

We like Infinite Challenge and Running man. Infinite Challenge members engage in an intense psychological warfare. Infinite Challenge is one of the most popular shows in Korea. Do you like Infinite Challene? Running Man is engaged in a chase. It is very tensiom and thrill.
[HOT] 무한도전 - '유마허 VS 박마오' 1인자와 2인자의 대결, 과연 승자는? 20140405

What commercials do you like and hate the most?

We like any commercials with cute baby. We hate cosmetic commercials. Cosmetic commercials is often over the top and false.
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