Lorin Cohen

Touching Bass....


-John Litweiler (Chicago Sun-Times)

“….Relentless Invention”

-Howard Reich (Chicago Tribune)

“Great Stuff!”

-Marc Myers (JazzWax.com)


A thrill to watch and sublime to hear, Lorin Cohen is best known for locking down the groove with Monty Alexander, Joe Locke, Guggenheim Fellow Ryan Cohan, and the acclaimed Hip-hop-meets-Jazz ensemble, Vertikal.

While he possesses an expansive palate of expressive devices and techniques, the focus of his playing is always on generating a deep and propulsive groove. This has taken him around the world, allowing him to share his talents with audiences throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

In addition to those mentioned above, he has collaborated with such jazz luminaries as Lew Tabakin, Victor Lewis, Geoffrey Keezer, Von Freeman and Roni Ben-Hur.

Cohen relocated to New York City from his hometown of Chicago in April of 2012.

"Come Fly With Me" Monty Alexander &His Trio Live on Soundcheck

Forthcoming Debut Album

Cohen brings his unique brand of modern jazz to his forthcoming debut album, HOME.

Slated for release in October of 2014, the acclaimed bassist and composer steps out as a leader to present a set of original compositions which appeal to a wide spectrum of music fans and jazz lovers alike.

HOME will explore and celebrate the wonders of rhythm and what Cohen calls “the groove.” The album will consist of nine original compositions, each rooted in Cohen’s bass playing, as well as the percussive sounds of vibraphone, steel drums, hand drums and piano– where harmony, melody and rhythm converge.

“I’m going to put the bass out front, as well as rhythm instruments that I feel capture the essence of jazz,” Cohen states. “I think this is an exciting and innovative instrumentation. It highlights the heartbeat of jazz, its pulse, which is the foundation, the home of the music.

"The title also refers to those essential and foundational places we all cherish, the literal homes we inhabit, the figurative homes in our hearts, and the life-affirming spaces we continue to seek.”

Home. The First Album By Lorin Cohen-Kickstarter Video

The Band

The Lorin Cohen Quartet is:

Lorin Cohen, Bass

Eric Doob, Drums

Ryan Cohan, Piano

Joe Locke, Vibraphone


Victor Provost, Steelpan

"From sweet to savory-this is music that sticks to the ribs…."


MUSIC by cohenlorin

2014 EVENTS (Selected)

January 17, 2014

Tel-Aviv Opera House

Monty Alexander Trio

January 25, 2014

Birdland, NYC

Birdland Jazz Quartet

June 2-5, 2014

The Bunker Recording Studio, NYC

Recording HOME, featuring: Joe Locke (vibes), Ryan Cohan (Piano), Eric Doob (Drums),

Bobby Thomas Jr. (Hand Drums/Percussion)

June 6, 2014

Park West, Chicago

Carol Robbins Quartet

June 20, 2014

Detroit (Venue TBA)

Joe Locke Group

June 21, 2014

Pittsburgh Jazz Festival

Joe Locke Group

October 3-13

Tour of Japan (Venues TBA)

Joe Locke Quartet (Joe Locke, Jim Ridl, Joe Labarbara)

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