Russia news letter

by Rayden Wilson

Physical Geography

Russia is the biggest country is the world and its landmass has a big chunk out of it because it stretches about 6000 miles.

also they have the Ural Mountains and they separate the northern european plain from the western siberian plain.

Also they have very large plains called the steppes located in Kazakhstan and most of the land on the steppes are good for agriculture and grazing.

Some of Russia's natural barriers are mountains which make countries isolated, and isolated means to cut off from other countries.

An ocean in Russia that has a unique current is called the North Atlantic Drift, its wam current warms the waters around the Murmansk and it also keeps the ice from freezing.

Land Of Extreame Climates

Approximately half of Russia has been covered with permafrost. permafrost is where the ground is so cold that it is frozen.

Tundra is where climate and vegetation grows, also tundra is flat land found in the arctic subarctic.

Arctic and substance regions are found in Siberia, Siberia is in the central and eastern part of Russia.

The western plains and the steppies are along were the Black Sea and the Captions Sea are located.

All of Russia's climates are mostly humid cold and no dry season and humid cold dry winters.

Natural Resources

Russia is a leading coal producer and coal is Nonrenewable Fossil Fuel because of it russa can not reproduce fast enough to keep on past with their use.

Russia has a large amount of peat, peat is an old decayed plant material, alo peat is used to burn like coal.

Few river provide Hydroelectric power , hyderolecl power is used to production plant use and the force of the rivers and water to generate electricity.

A lot of Siberia's resources are Remote, remote means locations that are hard to reach.