3rd Six Weeks

Francisco Henderson

Brainstorming Ideas (Graphic Organizers)

There are many types of graphic organizers that help you decide what to write about or help organize your story

Revising and Editing Techniques

The way I like to Revise and Edit my paper is to have someone look over it then fix the mistakes and try to make it better, like making a sentence shorter instead of a run-on sentence. This helps make your paper better.

Influence of Setting on Plot Development

The influence of setting on the plot is important when letting your reader know where and what is happening. For example you can have a deer in the forest being chased by a wolf but not a dog chasing a cat in the Artic.

Importance of Plot and Settings When Creating Stories

The importance of plot and setting when creating a story is crucial because you can have a magic fight in a fantasy land but not a huge elephant crushing everything in its path in the real world savanna.

And finally... Point of View

Point of view helps your reader know who is speaking and what characters are saying/thinking.

1st Person - Uses the words I,Me,etc.

3rd Person Omniscient - You can here the thoughts of everyone

3rd Person Limited -Limited to the thoughts of ONE person