Awareness of Duty

A citizen must be aware of what is legal and illegal for them to do.

Sally became enraged that another girl down the street had the same exact pink hair-bow as her. Her first instinct was to attack the other girl from down the street, but her awareness of the law resulted in her not attacking the other girl in fear of being arrested.

Criminal Intent

The mindset to knowingly and proactively commit a crime.

The investing executive Richard Barrelsome was sued of giving bad advice to clients on buying certain stock and futures. The reason for this lawsuit was that Barrelsome was receiving kickbacks for each stock and future bought, and therefore was actively acting on the intent to partially defraud investors. Thus, it is noted that Barrelsome had criminal intent while advising his investors.

Violation of Duty

Did a citizen violate his or her duty in regards to the task presented to them?

Dr.Schultz was careless and inaccurate in his diagnosis of various patients, and was subsequently sued for malpractice in regards to his treatment of his patients. He was successfully sued by his patients and lost his practitioner's license.