Light Saver Bridge

Blue Table


1. glow sticks

2. craft sticks

3. cups

4. tissue box

5. pipe cleaners

6. straws

7. gum drops

8. cardboard

9. toothpicks

10. glue

Material Justification

The Why

We used cups for supports. We used cardboard to make ramps. We used straws, glow sticks, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, and gum drops for decoration. The craft sticks were the roads. The tissue box was for the guard tower. The glow sticks are also to help the drivers see at night.

Improvements for the Future

If we could build our bridge again, we would make the ramp less steep and put cups under it to keep it from bending. If we could get thicker cardboard we would use that, because it is stronger than the thin cardboard. We would move the toothpicks that held the gum drops so that they would be straight up in the air. We would make sure the glow sticks were popped before we attached them so they would light up. We would use two rows of cups to make it not so wobbly.

Our Group

Travis Henry Finch

Adam Turner LaPrade

Vienna Rose Hunt

Chloe Nicole Sams