The Hunting Ground

Rape should be stoped

"The Invinsble War"

Two young ladies that attended North Carolina Universities were victims of rape, they now stand for justice to try an stop rape before it gets out of hand.

Hunting ground

There are females and males that attend big universities such as Harvard University, Arizona State University, North Carolina University and University of California that get raped. The two girls that attended North Carolina were victims of rape. Nothing much was done to help them two. Now they stand tall and try to stop rape from exploding. Them two visit other schools where other victims were raped to. Administrators to Presidents of the colleges didn't do much them help them. Every time this case comes up they say the girls were either really drunk, lying or just crazy. One girl committed suicide because of what they called her and how they made fun of her on twitter and facebook, they guy that raped her didn't get in trouble. Most of the world never knew about this because these big colleges and universities hide it. They don't want their school to look bad because some girl accused some guy of rape. When these schools did do something as a punishment, they gave $25 fine, $75 fine, 1 day expulsion, expulsion on summer break, 50 hours of community service and make a poster board on how to approach a girl.

Main Victims

We stand with survivors.

This website allows other victims to express their feelings about how hey got raped and what the administrators did or didn't do.


EROC was founded by a group of students, survivors, and professors in the summer of 2013. The decision to form EROC resulted from the national need to formalize and centralize work around campus sexual assault. Sofie Karasek, Andrea Pino, and Annie Clark were three of EROC’s original co-founders. Since then, survivors across the country have connected through social media, spoken out about deliberate indifference and betrayal, and held institutions accountable to federal laws. Now, the problem of campus sexual violence is commanding national attention, from individual campuses to the White House.