Pine Class

News Update


Hi There -

We have so much good stuff to share. Sorry it's been so long. The class is really coming together. There's so much great stuff happening that's impossible to share with just a few pictures and words, but here are some highlights.

Book Baggies

Very Important

Please, please, please ... help your child remember to bring their book bag every day. An overwhelming amount of research says that kids learn to read by reading and Compass students have almost an hour every day to read. But they're reading is less purposeful if they don't have the books from their book baggies.

Also, they get to change their books in their book baggies once a week with Brooke. But they can't change them easily, if they don't have they're book baggie.

Puppet Theater

James (Rapha's dad) helped us design and build a puppet theater! It all started on a community walk back in September when the kids found the pieces of a book shelf abandoned on the street. Since we are always talking about reusing materials, they suggested we bring a few pieces of wood back to make a puppet theater.

James taught the kids about safety with tools, about planning and designing and then he taught them to use the tools. They were glowing with excitement, but they were so calm and very safe.

We need to make some puppets now!

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We need 6 more "WIDE MOUTH" glass jars. Thank you to those of you who have helped us get 9 already!
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