Odd Thomas

By Dean Koonitz

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Main Characters

The Main Characters are Odd Thomas, Bronwen LLewellyn (Stormy), Robert Thomas Robertson (Fungus Man), Chief Wyatt Porter, Simon Varner, Bern Eckles, and Kevin Gosset.

Protagonist's Problem

Odd Thomas can see dead people, and shadows-forms he calls Bodachs when a catastrophic event is about to happen. Being blessed with this special ability Thomas feels as he has to use his ability to stop harm.

Protagonist's Memorable Moment

When Thomas communicates with the murdered little girl ghost of Penny Kallisto, and uses his special powers to chase down her killer, and hold him for police.

Protagonists's Important Action

Thomas breaks into Fungus' house and discovers more bodachs than he's ever seen. He searches his office, and finds out that Fungus Man is fascinated with serial killers and aspires to become one himself.

Antagonist's Problem

Simon Varner's problem is that Thomas was on to the mall shooting plan due to his abilities, so he had to waste Fungus Man to save the plan.

Main Characters on Other Characters

After Thomas recovered from his gunshot wounds he returned to Stormy's apartment where he hid out from the reporters trying to interview the town "hero" for days. Until his friends tell him to face reality, Stormy was killed in the mall shooting.

My Impressions of Protagonist Character

I think Thomas is definitely a good person who uses his precious powers for good. He puts his personal life aside to fulfill his duty. He didn't have to chase down Fungus Man, or interfere with the mall shooting at all. He took action, but with a price since he loses Stormy in the end.

My Impressions of the Antagonist Character

Simon Varner is a devious individual. He killed one of his own men (Fungus Man) and then proceeded to still go through with the shooting killing and injuring many others. He was smart, but not smart enough for Thomas' Bodach sensing ways.


Odd Thomas (Novel)