Visits & Volunteerism at WCHE

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Special Announcement

As of Monday, October 18, 2021, visitors/volunteers will be welcomed back on elementary campuses.


A volunteer can perform any job that does not require working alone with students. Please note: If a volunteer plans to work alone with one or more students, they must agree to a complete criminal background check to be conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Ask your campus Volunteer Coordinator for more details.

● Volunteers are required to sign in using Raptor.

● Volunteers are required to sign a Confidentiality Pledge each school year.

● Volunteer opportunities are available as soon as the campus is ready to receive assistance.

Volunteer opportunities at West Cypress Hills Elementary are:

*Library volunteers (must be scheduled with the librarian)

*LTHS PALS program

*LT Mentors

*PTO Meetings/Events/Volunteers

*Homeroom volunteers at class parties (Winter, Valentines, End of Year)

*Field Trip Chaperones (beginning Spring 2022)

*Career Day

*Grade level events

Volunteers may begin volunteering in a volunteer capacity upon completion of the volunteer training (video to come).

WCHE Campus Visitors

Campus Visitor Opportunities at West Cypress Hills Elementary are:

*Lunch visitors

*Guest reader

*Guest speaker opportunities

*Class parties (Winter, Valentines, End of Year)

*Grade level performances (beginning in Spring 2022)

*Award celebrations (beginning in the Spring 2022)

Lunch Visitor Campus Plan

  • Space permitting, parents are welcome to join their children for lunch starting Monday, October 18, 2021.

  • All visitors must sign in at the front office with the Raptor systems with a driver's license.

  • Visitors will be able to enter the building AT your child's lunchtime. Due to space and lunchtimes, parents will be allowed to enter the lunchroom a couple of minutes before lunchtimes.

  • Visitors and their child(ren) will sit in the outdoor seating area.

  • Please remember that visitors cannot provide food for other students during lunchtime.

  • Visitors may go to the lunchroom only but may not go to the classroom or to recess during your visit.

  • Please do not take pictures or videos of your child and/or others while visiting the lunchroom.

Change in Lunch Procedures

During the past month, we have been using the outside seating area for students. However, with the limited space available in the cafeteria, beginning Monday, our outdoor seating will be reserved for parents who have signed in to eat with their child(ren). With the available outdoor seating, we are able to accommodate about 20 parents per grade level at lunchtime.

In the event there is bad weather, parent seating will be on the stage.

Students must stay with their parents at the designated lunch table and should not be on the playground. A lunch monitor is assigned to the outdoor seating area will be on duty to supervise and assist.

Volunteers at WCHE

We look forward to having volunteers!

Melissa Aguillard serves as the PTO Volunteer Coordinator. Please reach out to her if you are looking for PTO volunteer opportunities.

Cathy Seidenberger, WCHE librarian, will schedule library volunteers.

If you have already scanned your license in the Raptor system, please see Michelle to create a Volunteer profile. If you have not scanned into Raptor this year, you will need to bring your license and scan in the first scheduled volunteer opportunity. Once your volunteer profile has been created, you can sign in via the kiosk.

A volunteer common workspace will be provided for parents who have scheduled a time with the classroom teacher. Teachers will have the materials available in the common workspace along with task instructions.