Golden Gate Glory

One of our Seven Great Wonders


Get to know one of the world's seven great wonders by learning more about it. Hey do you know about one of the world's seven great wonders that's just a plane ride or drive away? It's the Golden Gate Bridge of course! The Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco, California and it took years for it to be like it is today.

How was it built?

How about we get building into some more info? The Golden Gate Bridge a long time ago didn't look like it was supposed to before the construction, they had a design for it but it didn't work out so they had to trash it, Lots of things happened that hindered the construction, even someone got fired before the construction started and he made the plans for the entire thing. In the end once the bridge was complete he got no credit.

Why is it important?

"Why is the most beautiful bridge so important?", your probably wondering right now. Well it's one of California's Iconic Landmarks and one of it's popular monuments, and was also a big engineering feat of it's time. No one can ever rebuild the most beautiful bridge in the world and one of the world's Seven Great Wonders.

Why is it Interesting?

"Why is a bridge so interesting?" your probably wondering about right now again, Well the Golden Gate Bridge. The idea was first proposed in 1872, before they started building, the design was way different than how it looks now, another thing is that in order for the bridge to be built it had to be approved by the War Department. It took years of construction and running into problems, after the construction we now are presented with the Golden Gate Bridge and it's unlimited glory!