Articles of Confederation

By Jason Garcia

What Are the Articles of Confederation?

The A.C was the first self government.They were designed to Bo weak because America did not want anymore problems like they had with King George
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What Are Strengths of the Articles?

* Governed the nations during the revolutionary war.

* Negotiated the Treaty Of Paris at the end of the war.

* Passed the land of the Ordinance of 1785.

* Passed the Northwest Ordinance of (1787)

What Are Weaknesses of the Articles?

* Lacked power to enforced laws.

* Lacked power to levy taxes.

* Lacked power to regulate trade among the states.

* Required all 13 states to approve changes in the Articles.

What is the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?

* Positive +

A plan to make new STATES!!

* Negative -

Hard to get 60,000 people to declare a new STATE!

Shays Rebellion Rrrrrrrghhhhhh!!

* Causes +

Farmers thrown in jail b/c of Taxes.

* Effects -

Daniels Shays leads a rebellion against to the government

No Court = No Laws = No Jail !!!