Code Talker

By Joseph Bruchac

By Riley Ober

For my school book report for marking period 1 I chose the book Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac. The story is about a Navajo Native American named Ned Begay who was part of a group called Navajo Code talkers for the U.S. Marines.
Big image
These are two Navajo Marines at work

The Plot of the story

The plot of the story is about a few soldiers named Ned Begay, Smitty, and Georgia Boy who go island to island in the Pacific Ocean during World War 2, who fight the Japanese and do special communications while Smitty and Georgia Boy protect Ned Begay from Americans and Japanese.

The Main characters

The main characters are Ned Begay, Georgia Boy, Smitty who are all United States Marines during World War 2.

The setting

The setting are islands throughout the Pacific Ocean during World War 2 like Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Guam.
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This is what the Navajo Marines radios looked like

Something Funny

When the Navajo children were sent to boarding schools (Boarding School is like a normal school but they also live there) the teachers said that if you talk Navajo you will be punished with soap in his/her mouth and they also taught them that everything Navajo was bad. But at war time the United States wanted men who could talk Navajo to be code talkers. So it is funny that at school they were taught not to speak Navajo but now during the war they wanted them to speak Navajo.
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This is what their boarding schools looked like.


My opinion of this book is that it is written well and makes you feel like you are there and are having the story told from first-person point of view.


I recommend this book to people who like World War 2 history and like action books.