Taylor Swift

compare to Rikki-Tikki


Taylor Swift she is smart she won the National Poetry in fourth grade called "monster in my closet".

Rikki-Tikki he is a smart mongoose and he was trying to do to kill Nag's family, I will kill the big man and his wife and his children if I can, and come away quietly", which he did cause he was brave and smart.


Taylor Swift she was brave not like others she won the Grammy award for best album of the year, and was brave for 18 year old singer.

Rikki-Tikki he is a mongoose and he was not scared when he met Nag, he didn't ran away when he met him for the very first day he met him. "he's mother had feed him dead ones, and he knew that that all grown mongoose business was to fight and eat snakes".

somthing in common?



there both strong Taylor Swift she is a very strong woman just like Rikki-Tikki, "(when the mongoose eyes grew red, he is angry) he bit Nag till he died.