Peter Nimble Book Review

By Lonnie Wooten

Read an Amazing story about a boy and his great adventure

Peter a young boy with no eyes but that doesn't stop him from being a a thief to get by cause no one takes him in. But he learns of something amazing.....

How He begins this Adventure

He obtains a set of eyes well three to be exact since his are gone he uses these to achieve the things he does. First he has a gold pair of eyes that transport him to the location that the were last beheld. Then he has a black or onyx pair of eyes that transform him into a creature that will help him in each situation to help him. Finally he has a green or emerald pair that you'll have to read to find out yourself.
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But this isn't the Hobbit

Just because there is adventure doesn't mean hobbits. But sorry no dwarves this time just a 10 year old learning his true destiny.

Mystery awaits while evil debates

If you like a good mystery or action book this is for you

This book is full of different mysterious situations. It has lots of action and imagery so you feel like you are there.