Binary Data

Converting Denary Data to Binary data and Back.

What are Binary And Denary Data?

Binary Numbers are numbers that a computer uses for data, to do things, and to run the computer fully. The computer uses it to process things like photo's, video etc. An example is 10010110. This is an 8 bits code. In computer, 1 means on and 0 means off so that is yes, no, no etc. a single 1 or 0 is a bit. On the other hand, Denary numbers include 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9.

How to convert Denary to binary?

To convert denary to binary, you first need to make sure the number is under 255, if it isn't, it wont work. Then you see if 128 can go into it, if it does, then put 1, if it doesn't, then see if 64 goes into it, if it does, put a 1, if it doesn't, then put a 0. do this for 128,64,32,16,8,4,2 and 1 until you get 10100101 etc. eg. 236. 128 goes into it so 1, then 236-128=108 does 64 go into 108? yes so another 1 so now it is 11. 108-64=44. does 32 go into 44? yes so another 1 so now it is 111. 44-32=12 now does 16 go into 12? no so a 0 now it is 1110 does 8 go into 12? yes so 11101 and 12-8=4 does 4 go into 4? yes so 11101100 done :)