My Spring Break

By: Christian Stevens

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The Wonders of Americus and Around

I stayed in Americus for the most part, except for Ellaville, Leslie and DeSoto. My girlfriend lives in DeSoto which is about 30 minutes away from Americus( if you do the speed limit might I add), which isn't a bad drive. The whole week was mainly boring and nothing to do, but I tried to find things to do. We saw lots of beautiful things on or near the road that we wanted to keep or take. There was 3 baby deer with the mom and Buck on the way back towards Americus. We thought they were fake until they moved and they crossed the road but they walked majestically across.
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Andersonville Prison Site

My family and I went the Andersonvile National historic site for my cousin's boy scout badge. I was proud of him when he found everything that he was suppose to find and look for. He did great I think it was Wednesday i'm not sure.

Telephone Museum in Leslie, GA

When my girfriend, her sister, my sister, and me went to this museum her sister was like "Did we really have these kind of phones before?" I looked at my girlfriend like really and looked back down at her and said "yes we did". My sister slapped someone's butt while we were there for a bit and i tried not to laugh when she did but i couldn't help it at all.