K2 Enrichment Program

Science and Engineering for Young Children

~Tuesday Workshop~

Session 4- "Extreme Weather"

Hi Parents,

Happy New Year!

We had such a fun time with our "Bridge" Unit @session 2. We built a bridge that was big and strong enough for Kristine to walk on!!! Great team work!!! We wrapped things up for session 2 last week and got things ready for session 3.

The kids voted to study "Extreme Weather" for session 3. We will become Jr. meteorologist and use the computer to track the weather. We will learn, explore and better understand "Extreme weather" around the world with hands-on project like creating a tornado, make rain and clouds and track weather patterns. Besides our regular theme projects, the kids decided to put some time aside each class to work on a side subject of their choice (science and engineering related). This will give them an opportunity to explore their own interest during their time here.

Please feel free to email me if you have any question.

Please let me know if you child will be joining us for session 3. Registration and payment is available on-line.

Looking forward to another fun session!