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Support Services and Communication for Students and Parents

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Need to Know

  • GPS Services
Mrs. Menard (Room 366/Science) and Mrs. Brewer (Room 115/English), the HAL coordinators at Bellevue West, are here to provide support to students and parents in terms of classroom differentiation, college preparation and social/emotional needs. Room 351 will be used every day during GPS to provide these services.

Upcoming Events

Semester Test Open Study Hall (organized by Student Council):

Monday, Dec 14, 4:30-7:30 in the library at Bellevue West.

This will be a “coffee shop” type of atmosphere. Get your group of friends together to come in for questions, study groups, and just a place to relax with resources available. There will be teachers available from each department to assist you as you prepare for Semester Finals.

Semester Finals: Tips and Schedule

The following tips are from 10 Ways to Make Sure You Survive End-of-Semester Stress, an article at Click the title above to read the article and get specific tips.

1. Make a Schedule

2. Make Lists

3. Take Breaks

4. Eat Well

5. Sleep!

6. Get Started Early

7. Partner Up

8. Ask Questions

9. Look at Old Assignments

10. Prioritize

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Registration Forms Coming Out in January

Registration for 2016-2017 school year will begin in January. Attached are registration forms to assist with selection of classes for next year. You will also receive a hard copy of the form below in your GPS after break and you will be emailed a copy of the form as well. This form is intended to help facilitate a conversation between you, your parent/guardian, and your current teachers regarding appropriate selection of rigorous classes. Please remember that the bulk of HAL services occur in the higher level classes you select. Feel free to print a copy of the form below and begin your planning if you want. Seniors, you are not registering for high school classes so please consult counselors for future planning.


Check out this video in which a student at University of Kansas gives tips on how to jump start your semester. Even though this is directed toward college the tips apply to high school as well. Enjoy!!!
Start Fresh KU: Jumpstart Your Semester

Contact Information

  • Email:
Mrs. Menard:

Mrs. Brewer:

  • GPS: Room 351
  • Phone: 402-293-4040
  • Classrooms:
Mrs. Menard (Science) Room 366

Mrs. Brewer (English) Room 115