History of Music Tour

Caterina Dellago

Deventer, The Netherlands

This is the place where Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck was born. We think he was born during the month April or May in 1562. This is also where he spent a few days of his life, before he moved to Amsterdam with his family.

Mons, County of Hainaut (Modern Day Belgium)

The next sop is in the place where two very important composers were born. These are Josquin De Prez and Orlande de Lassus. Josquin was born in 1450 or 1455. Lassus was born in 1532, but possibly 1530. For Lassus, there isn't much information about what he did there, but we do know that he was kidnapped three times because of his beautiful voice. As for Josquin, not much is known about his early life.

Basilica of Saint John Lateran, Rome, Italy.

Our next stop is the beautiful basilica in Rome, where our composer Lassus was "Maestro Di Cappella", meaning " Chapel Master". This was in the year 1553. In Rome, Lassus also worked for the Grand duke of Tuscany, Cosimo De Medici. He only stayed in Rome for one year, and then went back to the Low Countries.

Milan, Italy

Still in Italy, another great composer worked. Josquin De Prez went to Milan somewhere between the year 1480 and 1482 and was in service for the Sforza family. While in Milan, he met a man called Franchinus Gaffurius, who was "Maestro Di Cappella" (Chapel Master) in the Milan Cathedral. Josquin also travelled to Rome and Paris from Milan. He came back to Milan in 1489 after traveling a lot, but he left that same year.

Condé Sur L'Escaut, France

The next stop is in Condé Sur L'Escaut, France. Josquin De Prez went back to this place in 1483. He came back to claim his inheritance from his aunt and uncle. We think they were killed by the army of Louis XI back in they year 1478, by being burned alive.

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our last stop is in Amsterdam. It is the Oude Kerk, a church where Sweelinck worked almost his entire life. His first works were published in the year 1592 to 1594. These were 3 volumes of chansons (songs). The last one published in 1594, is also the only one remaining. For unknown reasons, the composer adopted his mother's last name and not his father's. The name Sweelinck is on the title page.