By Olivia Graham and James Glendinning

Panama is located in Central America. It is the country that connects Central America to South America.

Politics and Government

The Government in Panama is doing relatively well. Panama's government is a constitutional democracy. It became that way in 1989 after the previous leader, Manuel Noriega, was captured by the US and charged with counts of drug trafficking and money laundering. Ever since then, Panama has developed a well built constitutional democracy. The current president is Juan Carlos Varela. His term started in 2014 and will go until 2019. Juan Carlos Varela also has plans to help get rid of some of Panama's pollution.


Panama's environment, however, is not doing so well. There is a lot of water pollution in Panama, however one of the greatest problems is deforestation. By 2001, 17 of Panama's mammal species were endangered, as well as 10 different species of birds and 1,018 species of plants. Pesticides, sewage, and other pollution from the oil industry are causing so much water pollution, that (at most) only 79% of the rural population has clean drinking water, and the nations fish resources are threatened.

The Future

Panama may not be the best country around, but at least it isn't the worst. In 10 years, Panama will still have a well formed government, and some of the pollution will be gone. Of course, there is a lot of pollution so Panama probably will still be removing it, but it will be on the mend.