Mrs. Smith's First Grade News

October 5th - 9th

Reading/Language Arts

  • Spelling: The students will be working on words with the short vowel "e". The words will be on the front page of homework. Please practice dictation at home as well.
  • Wordly Wise: We will begin our second lesson this week. We will now spend two weeks per lesson. The lesson 2 words are: accident, acrobat, alarm, bounce, enormous, gap, scoop, support, tangle, and weigh.
  • Common and Proper Nouns: The students have begun learning about what nouns are and how to identify them in sentences. They must also differentiate between common and proper nouns.
  • Pronouns: Once we finish regular nouns, we will switch to pronouns. The students must be able to identify pronouns in sentences and tell what noun the pronoun is taking the place of in a sentence.
  • Read Aloud: Our focus this week will be fiction. We will discuss the elements of fiction and do some sequencing.
  • Reading Comprehension: Each week, the students will be expected to read a passage and answer the questions about what they read.


  • Mad Minutes: The students will be given 5 minutes to complete as many addition problems as possible.
  • Adding Tens and Ones: The children will use ten frames and place value blocks to add numbers.
  • Addition: Our focus this week will be basic addition. The best way to learn these facts is through flash cards. Please make sure you are utilizing them at home! We will also do word or story problems using these facts.


  • Technology All Around Us: The students will be learning about engineers and how things are made this week. They will learn the steps of the design process and the different types of materials that are used to create things we use every day.
  • Vocabulary: engineer, design process, materials, natural, human-made

Social Studies

  • Work, Work, Work: We are switching back to Social Studies this week and will begin a new unit on workers in our community.
  • Vocabulary: job, needs, wants, tools, goods, services, volunteer, transportation

Dates to Remember

  • Wednesday, October 7th: Fire Safety Program (Presented by WUFD)
  • Friday, October 9th: Author Visit!
  • Tuesday, October 13th: PTO Meeting
  • Saturday, October 17th: WUES Halloween Dash- Fun Run and 5K
  • Monday, October 19th: Read Across the Globe
  • Saturday, October 24th: WUES Boo Bash Carnival & Bazaar

Ancillary Schedule (1:10-1:50)

  • Monday: P.E. 2 with Coach Duvo
  • Tuesday: Computer 2 with Mrs. Olaloko
  • Wednesday: Math 2 with Ms. Taghavi
  • Thursday: Library with Mrs. Russell
  • Friday: Author Visit!


New order forms went home in your child's folder last week!

Please visit to shop around and order books for your child. Every time you order, we earn more books for our class library! Our class code is L73G9.

Letter from the Editor

It's Library week again! Please make sure your child has his or her book on Thursday so it can be returned on time without penalty.

Although AR (Accelerated Reader) is not mandatory in first grade, please encourage your child to take tests over the books they are reading. This gives us a good idea of their comprehension and it shows me the types of books they are reading and enjoying on their ZPD levels.

This Friday during ancillary, your child will get to enjoy a visit from the author of Pete the Cat! The children will get to hear directly from him, hear his creative background, and ask him questions about book writing. It should be a great experience! Any book orders turned in this week will not be guaranteed, as they were due last Friday.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Rebecca Smith