Natural resources and Economy

By Tristan

Natural resources

I going to tell you about the Southwest. a major source In the West Is mineral and oil. oil Is one of the main things that the southwest produs.The southwest has lots of minerals like uranium ore salt magnesium ore.Pecan nuts are found in most of the trees in the Southwest.Salt, tin, and copper are big part of the l economy in the Southwest.

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Southwest´s economy has a lot Livestock. Texas is the top producer of melons, pecans, oats and celery. New Mexico is a razor of sheep,pinto beans, and chili peppers. Arizona's economy Uses a lot of crops like cotton, herds of cattle, and copper.

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Arizona's high tech research on Aerospace development pulse contraction. Arizona has been testing military aircrafts. What the song What Makes money by the meat that they sell the wool from sheep to.

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