Digital Media in 24 Hours

Kelsey Kelso

How Technology Starts My Day

This previous Saturday I got up and had to start getting ready for the day to come. Before doing so I always check my phone, and on my phone there's all of the social media sites like twitter, instagram vine etc. I usually tweet something or comment on someones pictures. I always check my phone before I begin getting ready because if not I'll just get anxious and check it anyway. I usually get a few text sent to me before I wake up so I obviously have to reply to those as well.

Checking in is a Must

That morning I went to Big Apple Bagel with Alec and Hannah before we went to the cabin. We always usually go to Big Apple once a week and they know us pretty well. When I get there I always check in on my 4 square app and let people know where I am at. The cool thing is about that app is once you check into the same place numerous times, you end up getting rewards from the company!

The Game Begins

After leaving Big Apple it started to pour down rain so I turned my locations on, on my phone, and saw that on the radar the rain was moving swiftly through Indiana. That's no good on a day when you're trying to go to the cabin, so our alternative was to watch the IU and Penn State football game. While checking my phone for updates on my ESPN app, because I wasn't in front of a tv yet to watch the game, I also checked my phone for texts and all the other updates I had gotten.

During half time of the game we called a few friends and wanted to order a pizza, so we called my favorite, Monicals. Using my phone once again we made the order and it was delivered in no time. While checking twittter again, I saw that there was a dispute between a few IU and Penn state fans, I which of course retweeted the IU fans. The game began once again and I had to update my grandpa on the score because he was at work and didn't have the chance to watch it, so I shot him a quick text with the score and a few outstanding plays that I noticed.

After the game was over my mom called me and told me that I needed to drive to the cabin to pick my brother and his friend up because they didn't want to stay the night. Since I didn't know hot to get there I got on my cell phone and had to type in the address into my GPS. On the way there I needed to get gas so I checked my phone to see which gas station, on my way there, would have th cheapest prices. Kroger was the cheapest and I could use my points on my coupon app to get 30 cents off each galon.

When I got to the cabin I stayed for a little bit and I took my phone out and took some pictures of the lake and posted them to instagram. I also sent a few pictures to Hannah and my dad. With the iPhone you can see where you took the pictures and when you took them, and I guess that's sort of a way for people to track you.

After we got back from the cabin I dropped them off and headed to Alecs. When I got there I noticed that I had some homework to do, so I got my laptop out and checked my E-mails and logged onto PowerSchool to check my grades. I got onto Mr. Eberts website to get the link to finish our project and I E-mailed him a few questions. I use my Laptop almost every day to contact people and also get most of my work done.

We all use our laptops now that we are seniors this year. It helps us finish the tasks that our teachers ask of us and stay connected with whats new such as homework updates and answers to our work. After I finished my homework I checked Instagram and saw that Payton was having a little get together so I called her and asked when I could come. Hannah and I headed over there and everyone was trying to figure out more things to do. We ended up calling the guys and they told us to head to their basketball games in Noblesville so we had to call Ruffs mom to get directions.

After the game we all went to hooters and I checked in there on my app once again. After we finished there we went back to hannahs and watched the ND and Arizona State game. I checked my ESPN app to try and make a hypothesis of how the game would turn out, my outcome was wrong though and ND won. (sorry Mr. Meredith)

Every day we use the basic technology of our century that is available to us. Each and every day I connect myself with so many different types of technology and I don't really notice or admire how helpful the technology is to me. My phone, laptop, and GPS's that I use really get me through my day, and if you didn't have the technology that is available to us today then you will be left out and behind. You have to be careful though, because you can be using technology the wrong way and not even know it. Like Mrs. Young told us in the Lecture hall, we cannot ever be to cautious because so many people can track you and some of the things you post can get you unqualified for very important things. When we responded to the article, Are You Being Tracked, it showed us that we could easily be tracked by talking to the wrong people or even getting on the wrong websites. So many different ways can get you into trouble and you need to proceed with caution to using technology, you cannot just act like your social media is proteced from all the bad news.