Jacob kuglitsch

Jacob Kuglitsch

This poster is all about me I have a lot of hobbies. I love to duck hunt, goose hunt,and love to pheasant hunt. Also how many ways I am smart and my learning style.


duck hunting

goose hunting

Pheasant hunting

Training my dog

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  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Duck Hunt

How many ways I am smart

  1. Word Smart
  2. Nature Smart
  3. People Smart

school subject Strengths

  1. Math
  2. Science
  3. Social

My Skills

In-Class Skills

  • I bring all the materials that I need for each class.
  • I listen in class.
  • I take part in class discussions.
  • I write down assignments.

Note-keeping Skills

  • I keep my notes as neat as I can.
  • I understand exactly how my teachers want me to keep my notes.
  • My notes are useful to me when preparing for tests.

Test-Taking Skills

  • I make sure that I understand a question on a test or examination before I start answering it.
  • I check all my answers before I hand in my paper.
  • I review my assignments after the teacher returns them, so that I understand any mistakes I might have made.

Career Interest

I = Investigative

E = Enterprising

C = Convention

Learning Styles

Learning math by seeing problems

Learn by doing

Learn by myself

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