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Upcoming Dates

26 April Walking Field Trip to the Jordan Greenhouse
PTO Carnival 29 April 5pm to 8pm
May 2nd and 3rd No School
Thursday May 24th Last Student Day

Our Week

Dear Parents,

Thank you for helping your children pack up eggs for our egg challenge! We had a 100% success rate in our designs! We used the eggs to performing some egg-citing eggsperiments. We began with dissecting an egg. We described and wrote about how an egg feels and looks. We used magnifying glasses to help us explore the outside of an egg. We cracked eggs open and we found the following parts: yolk, white, white spot, shell, shell membrane, air sac, and chalaza (white ropy part). We learned about the purpose of the different parts and drew our observations. We have been learning about how a chick develops in twenty one days. We read Egg to Chick, Bird Beaks, and Eggs and Baby Birds to name a few. We labeled the parts of a developing chick.

Our next eggsperiments dealt with the strength of the egg. We predicted what we thought would happen if we squeezed an egg as hard as we could. Most of us thought that the egg would either crack or break. Much to our surprise– we could not break the egg by squeezing it. (If you try this at home, take off your rings. Be careful to wrap your hand around the egg, as if you were trying to enclose the entire egg in your hand. It’s easy to poke your fingers into the shell, but difficult to crush by squeezing.) We decided that this surprising strength would help keep the growing chick safe while its parent sat on it.
Finally, we took four eggs and set them up in modeling clay so they would stand up. We predicted how many books we thought the four eggs would support before crushing. Most of us had predictions under 10. Again to our surprise, we were able to stack 32 books on the eggs for a total of 49 pounds before the eggs broke!! It occurred to us, many first graders weigh about 50 pounds and we did try to repeat our experiment by placing one book on the four eggs and then placing a first grader on the book. Not quite as successful, the eggs held for about five seconds before splatting…such is the nature of science!
In our exploration of poetry, we are working with using similes in our writing. We began by reading "My Friend is a Sharp as a Pencil", a book filled with all kinds of vivid language. We worked together to make lists of new ways to describe adjectives we might use in our own writing. For example, something might be as happy as: a daisy, a cupcake, a birthday, a sunny day, a new toy, kind words, or a present. We work with a repeating poem start- If I were. For example, If I were a cat, I would be a tiger. Then, once we knew what we were describing, kids worked to describe their animal or thing using a simile.

Have a great weekend!

Laura B.

Spelling Words


Today we had a big thunderstorm. We stayed inside and played a fun game.

Decorah Eagle Cam

We've enjoyed watching the eaglets from the Decorah Eagle cam nests. If you'd like to see them too, here is the link!
And for more animal cams (not just eagles) than you can shake a stick at....