John Kennedy

By: Jacobo Rey, María Zúñiga,Alejandra Enriquez y Gonzalo M.

Dates on John Kennedy and his family

Born May 29, 1917 , Brookline , Massachusetts , United States . John Kennedy was the 13th presidente of the United States of America. He was asesinated in 22 de noviembre de 1963, Dallas,Texas , Estados Unidos. He married Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis from 1953-1963. He had eight siblings what were they:

  1. Robert F. Kennedy .
  2. Ted Kennedy.
  3. Rosemary Kennedy.
  4. Joseph Kennedy.
  5. Eunice Kennedy.
  6. Kathleen Kennedy.
  7. Jean aan Kennedy.
  8. Patricia Kennedy.

The children of john kennedy :

the last child and the most famous is John F. Kennedy Jr.

He was born July 16, 1999 ( 38 years old) Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Martha 's Vineyard just two weeks after his is father was elected as the 35th President of the United States and was in the public focus since childhood. He spent his first three years of life in the White House under the watchful eye of the media , until his father was killed three days before his 3rd birthday. He married Carolyn Bessette -Kennedy,on September 21, 1996 .He died on July 16, 1999 in a plane crash at age 38 , which also killed his wife (33 years) and her sister Lauren (34 years).

Jaqueline Kennedy

She was born in July , 28 1929 Southampton (New York) United States.They were formally introduced by a mutual friend , the journalist Charles L. Bartlett , at a dinner in May 1952.17 Kennedy was so busy running for the United States Senate but after his election in November, the relationship became more serious, led his commitment , officially announced the June 25, 1953 .They married on September 12, 1953 , at St. Mary. Jackie Kennedy was sitting beside the president when he received the shot that killed him , Mrs. Kennedy testified before the Warren Commission have jumped seen as pieces of her husband 's head , in seconds , Jacqueline climbed into the back of the presidential vehicle with fear and panic. In 1994 he was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer was in an advanced state of development. He died in his apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York on May 19 of that year at the age of 64 years.
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Jacqueline and John with his two sons (missing Arabella and Patrick )

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the brothers and sisters of John Kennedy and his parents

Muerte de John F. Kennedy

A small part of the JFK assassination