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Information, Events, and Deadlines for Seniors

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"The VAULT" - a chronological guide with instructions and important links! #itsgreattobeasundevil

What to Expect your Senior Year...

Fall trimester for Seniors is all about 4 year college applications. How to apply, when to apply, the FAFSA, do you need letters of rec. etc.? This site will be updated with the latest and best information-check it often.

Winter trimester focuses on 2 year/Community College, Scholarships and Career pathways.

Spring trimester you need to stay strong! AP tests, understanding offer letters, choosing your college and preparingfor graduation. All your final Countdown checklists will be here.

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How to Sync the Common App and Naviance

Naviance gives us access to your Common Application, so you MUST sync the 2 systems so teachers and counselors can submit letters of rec and transcripts! Seniors applying to schools that use the Common Application (mostly private schools) will need to know How to Sync Common App and Naviance so teachers and Counselors can submit Letters of Rec and transcripts to your prospective colleges!! Once you sync the 2 systems your Common App schools will be populated directly into the College's I'm Applying to section in Naviance.

"How to" video

Seniors applying to 2 and 4 years Colleges that do not use the Common Application must enter those prospective colleges into Naviance's "Colleges I'm Applying to" section. This will allow Counselors to send the appropriate materials to each campus.

Letters of Rec

If you are applying to any school via the Common Application, a Letter of Rec must be submitted by your Counselor and teacher(s). This is why you are required to complete the Letter of Rec. Student Survey in Naviance.

  1. Watch: Requesting Recommenders in Naviance (video)
  2. Complete Letter of Rec. Student Survey found in the "About Me" tab in Naviance
  3. Sign the FERPA waiver (see REQUIRED Senior Plan/FERPA waiver form above)

Letters of Rec. are submitted via Naviance!

Special Note to Parents: We encourage parents to submit an online profile of their senior in the "About Me" tab of their Naviance Parent Account. Create your Naviance parent account now!

Note: Most UC/CSU campuses DO NOT require Letters of Recommendation

The FAFSA - Opens October 1st!

FAFSA must be completed to receive ANY financial aid of any kind.

Once you submit your FAFSA, you will begin to receive information about the types of financial aid each college is prepared to provide you. Some schools will provide a package that is heavy with loan opportunities, while other colleges will provide more grants.

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ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery - December 6

Community College Information Night - tba

Midyear Reports to Colleges - Let your Counselor know if your prospective college needs a midyear report.

Colleges Still Accepting Applications!!

Colleges with a longer application period are called Rolling Admissions Schools. Admissions committees review applications as they roll in and send back a decision soon after. Typically, you'll hear back four to eight weeks after you apply. In some cases, you might hear back only two weeks later! List of Rolling Admission Schools.


AP Testing

Community College Early Registration program

Senior Scholarship Awards Night

The Final Countdown - Graduation, Senior Check Out (fines, final transcripts...)

The Final Countdown

Responsibilities, Recreation & Reminiscing

Our MC Admin Team will be making the rounds to senior classes to share this information. A Hard copy with Updates will be provided here closer to May

The Final Countdown