Egyptian pyramids

The pyramids

The description of a pyramid

A very large structure built especially in ancient Egypt that has a square base and four triangular sides which form a point at the top. In side are Egyptians and in really big ones there are pharohs

What they look like............

A triangular shape with a point on top, with a sand color.

Are they all the same????

Not all pyramids are the same because Egyptians get a normal pyramid, but, Pharos get a greater, bigger, better pyramid because they are the kings and Egyptians be live that that's there connection the gods saying if they have a after life or not.
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What does the building of pyramids tell us about Egyptian society

The pyramids represent the determination of a society to build something that is both meaningful and difficult. The pyramids were burial tombs,so their leaders were powerful enough to garner the men and materials necessary to produce these monuments. The difficulty came in having the engineering skills to design these pyramids, find the material (lime stone blocks) and move it into place.
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Why did the Egyptians want the pyramids to be spectacular???

It demonstrated a pharohs importance and they believed pharohs were a link to gods and everyone's afterlife.