Reflective Practice

Gibbs Theory

Gibbs Theory

What are the stages of reflection?

  1. Description - What happened?

  2. Feelings - What were you thinking and feeling?

  3. Evaluation - What was good about the experience?

  4. Analysis - What sense can you make of the situation?

  5. Conclusion - What else could you have done?

  6. Action Plan - If it arose again, what would you do?

Presentation Review

Description: I was given the task of a presentation on equality, diversity and rights.

Feelings: I feel that my presentation went well as I was confident and I practiced before I was due to present.

Evaluation: I feel that my delivery on the presentation was good as I knew excatly what I was talking about.

Analysis: I didn't use my notes to read off of, as I managed to expand on my bullet points that were on my presentation.

Conclusion: I could have had more information on certain topics in my presentation.

Action Plan: I would go into more depth will all topics I had to speak about.