Doubling America's Size

About The Purchase Of Louisiana

Why was the Louisianan purchase so important?

1.when Thomas Jefferson had bought Louisiana for 15,000,000$ it doubled the size of America.

2.Since emperor of France Napoleon, didn't want to take care of land that was out of his main country and didn't want England to have it, so he wanted us to have it.

3.Robert Livingston and James Monroe's mission was to only get Fort Orleans but got that great deal.

4.When they made the deal it gave them access to the biggest rivers in the U.S which gave them access to the world then access to trading with other country which meant more money.

About Merriwether Louis and William Clark

1.Thomas Jefferson had sent the two of them to explore on the Mississippi and Missouri River and record everything.

2. Merriwether Louis was better at river navigation so William Clark went horse back along side.