Tree Kangaroo

Riley Spizzo

About Tree Kangaroo's

Tree Kangaroo's are herbivores that live up to 20 years. Tree Kangaroo's live on the New Guinea Island. They live in trees and use there short legs and strong forelimbs for climbing. Tree Kangaroo's have very long and sharp nails to use for climbing trees. They like to eat tree leaves and fruit. Tree Kangaroos live in the tree tops but their safe living space is decreasing because more and more forests are being cut down and cleared.
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Why is the Tree Kangaroo Endangered?

There is a small amount of this species and it keeps on decreasing because of habitat destruction and hunting. The New Guinea Island used to be filled with nature but it is now one of the major countries to export lumber and minerals. Humans are chopping down the trees in which the Tree Kangaroo's live. Roads have been made in the middle of their forests. Also many people are hunting down the Tree Kangaroo's to eat.