The Algonquins

Dyondre Alexander

The Algonquins

The Algonquin live in farm to grow corn and vegetables but they mostly hunt for they food Algonquin Indians that live on the coast had clambakes they wrapped fish in seaweed then cooked it in a pit dug in.they live northern michigan canada specifically southern Quebec Eastern ontario. the algonquin live in the united state for a little but was forced out of there homeland when the Iroquois league formed and took over the area.

Algonquin have fun!

They like to run around for fun and play games together.

Their Weapons!

They use arrow to get there food and they also use spears to help them and a lot of tribes use them too.

Where they lived!

Algonquin live in Canada but they were forced to leave the United State by the Iroquois league formed and took over area.