Splashtop 2

Access Your Computer from Your Mobile Device

Installing Splashtop on Your Computer

1. The Splashtop app needs to be on your iPad. This is one of the apps that the school purchased for you.

2. Splashtop must also be installed on your computer. It is on the server. Connect to Files/CampusFiles/elfiles/elpublic/Technology/Splashtop/Splashtop_Streamer_Mac. Drag this file to your desktop.

3. Double click on the Splashtop file on your desktop.

4. Double click on Splashtop Streamer.pkg.

5. Click Continue.

6. Click Continue again.

7. Click Install.

8. Put in your password and click ok.

9. It will ask to allow Kextinstaller to make changes. Put in your password and click ok.

10. Accept the terms of services.

11. Click on close.

Create a Splashtop Account

1. Click on Create Account Now.

2. Enter your school email address and confirm your school email address.

3. Enter your school password and confirm your school password.

4. Click Create Account.

5. Click ok.

6. Drag the Splashtop Streamer file from your desktop to the the Trash. Empty the Trash.

Setting Splashtop Preferences

1. Double click Macintosh HD

2. Click on Applications.

3. Drag Splashtop Streamer to your dock.

4. Click on Splashtop Streamer in your dock and hold down the mouse until some options appear.

5. Hover over Options and drag to Open at Login.

6. In the Status Bar (the top of your computer where the date and time are located), you will see a Splashtop icon. Click on that icon and drag to Preferences.

7. Log in to your Splashtop Streamer account (your school email and password). Click Log In.

8. Click on the settings tab (left side of the log in window).

9. Check Enable auto launch (most likely, it is already checked).

10. Uncheck Enable sound redirection (if you leave this checked, the sound will come out of your iPad instead of your Promethean Board).

11. Uncheck Improve this product.

Connecting Your iPad to Your Computer

1. Open Splashtop on your iPad.

2. Log in to your Splashtop Account on your iPad.

3. Your computer will appear on your iPad screen. Your computer name is EL-__________. The computer names are a mix of numbers and letters. Only the computer where you are logged into your Splashtop will appear on this screen. Choose your computer by touching it on the iPad screen. The iPad will say, "Connecting to your Computer."

4. This screen will appear. It shows some great hints that you might want to know. If you do not want to see this screen each time you connect, uncheck the box by "Show hints every time." Click Continue.
5. You are now seeing your computer screen on your iPad. How cool is that????!!!!!

6. If you need to access your keyboard, there is small gray tab in the bottom right corner of your iPad screen. Touch the tab and your keyboard will appear.

7. To hide the keyboard, touch the key on the keyboard in the bottom right corner of the screen.

8. To disconnect from your computer, touch the home button on your iPad.

9. To fully quit Splashtop (or any app on your iPad), double click the home button on your iPad.

10. The most recent apps opened will appear across the bottom.

11. Touch and hold on one of the apps until a red circle appears on each app.

12. Touch the red circle to truly close each of the apps.