The Bogan Tempest

6/09/2013 Baheja Ishak

Claymore Spring Storm

Five teenage kids were on a black Samoan van driving through Claymore. They were driving up a hill onto a bridge. They got over the bridge and they see a minature object in the middle of the road, they got closer and it turned out to be a midget just standing in the middle of the road staring back at the teenagers van. One of the teenagers named Ben got out of the van to go see why the midget was standing in the middle of the road

The midget asked 'Do you want any drugs?'

Ben says 'No thank you, can you please get off the road?'

The midget mumbled 'Get out of Claymore, something is about to happen'

Ben asks 'What's going to happen?'

The midget replies "I'll never tell".

The midget goes to run off but another van comes zooming over the bridge. The driver obviously didn't see the midget until the last mnute when he slammed on his brake and swerves around the midget and hits the black Samoan van off the bridge and left the teenagers scattered all over Claymore Springs. Ben and the midget were still left on the bridge. The only thing Ben can think of saying is "Where's my maccas?"