Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Painter, Printmaker, and Illustrator

Major Accomplishments

A lot of his major works revolved around the Moulin Rouge and the people who went there. He would often depict prostitutes and their lives at these nightclubs. Three of his most renowned works are The Moulin Rouge Dancers, La Goulue, and Jane Avril.

Life in Paris

He was born the year 1864 in France, and lived there all of this life. He was a student of the artist Fernand Cormon, and one of his first friends in Montmarte was Aristide Braunt. Due to his dwarfism he couldn't do many of the things "men" did in his time, and was mocked for it; this pushed him to pursue art and drinking. When the Moulin Rouge opened its doors, they asked him to produce a series of posters, and a place was offered for him there (where he could show his artwork). He spent most of the rest of his life at the Moulin Rogue and several other brothels.