Internet Safety

How to Be Safe Online

Don't Share Personal Information!

This Can be Dangerous!

Never Cyberbully!

Don't Cyberbully that's mean and we all know it.

If You're being Cyber bullied tell a trusted adult!

How to Beat Cyberbullies

You Can Never Undo What Was Posted Online

It Will Be There Even When Your Old

Only Talk To People You Know Online

If You're Talking to Someone You Don't Know You Don't Know Whose's On The Other Side Of The Screen. They Could be a Different Age Then They Clam To Be. Because of this, there is 600 kids that get abducted each day.

How Often Do People Get The Identity Stolen

Well, You Might Not Believe This But People Get Their Identity Stolen Every Three Seconds! Yep I Said it Right, Every THREE Seconds!! That Normally equals to 15 million people each day.

You Can Defend This Stuff From Happening

Just Ask Parents What You Want To Play On. Ask Teachers if Your at School. Make Sure It's a Website That is Friendly
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Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online
Wild About Safety: Safety Smart Online! Music Video